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A Return Material Authorization (RMA) is required for all product returns, advance replacements, warranty repairs, and non-warranty repairs. This can be obtained by faxing, or e-mailing the LUXPERT Customer Service Center. Or you can do it by filling out the online RMA application form from LUXPERT's web site. Please have access to the product(s) and the following information when contacting:

Original PO #
Model/Part #
Serial #,
Details of the defect or problem

After the product has been packaged appropriately, place the RMA # on the outside of the package with a written explanation setting forth the potential defect in reasonable detail. Once complete, send the product to the specified return location given by the Customer Service Center.
All products must be returned freight prepaid and within 30 days of obtaining the RMA. LUXPERT reserves the right to cancel the RMA after this time period. If you fail to return product within the 30 days, please contact the Customer Service Center for a new RMA. Freight collect returns or unauthorized returns will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender upon receipt at buyer expense. All returns and repairs are subject to evaluation upon receipt.

Luxpert Customer Service Centers
Tel 1 : +82-2-888-1611
Tel 2 : +82-70-7436-7308
Fax : +82-2-2109-1125

Subject to the terms of LUXPERT's Limited Warranty, LUXPERT will repair or replace products which fail to meet the warranties provided in the Limited Warranty, within the product's warranty period. Actual warranty period starts from date of shipment.

Limited Warranty (a) LUXPERT warrants that its products are free from defects in workmanship and materials, and will conform to LUXPERT's published specifications, subject to the terms of the LUXPERT Limited Warranty. With respect to any product furnished by LUXPERT, the forgoing shall apply only to failures to meet said warranty that appear within the applicable warranty period set forth in LUXPERT's Limited Warranty policy available at www.luxpert.com. The warranty extends only to Buyer and does not extend to any other party. LUXPERT is not responsible for conditions or applications over which LUXPERT has no control. Defects or problems as a result of such conditions or applications are not the responsibility of LUXPERT. Such conditions include normal wear and tear, catastrophe, fault or negligence of the user or a party other than LUXPERT, improper installation, application, storage, maintenance or use of products, or other causes external to products, or failure to conform to any applicable recommendations of LUXPERT. The warranty does not cover, and LUXPERT does not warrant, batteries of any type used in connection with other products furnished. To the extent that any product includes "Software" (as defined in the article entitled "Software" herein), whether included in a product furnished hereunder or provided separately, LUXPERT warrants that such Software will, at the time of delivery by LUXPERT, conform in all material respects to LUXPERT's documentation relating to such Software ("User Documentation"). (b) If any product fails to meet the limited warranty, LUXPERT shall, at its option, correct any such failure by repairing any defective or damaged parts of damaged product, or make available, F.O.B. shipping point, any necessary repaired or replacement parts. LUXPERT reserves the right to replace any product under warranty with new or remanufactured product. LUXPERT will not be responsible for labor costs of removal or reinstallation of products. The repaired or replaced product is then warranted under the terms of the limited warranty for the balance of the term of the warranty or for 90 days, whichever is longer. For any warranty claim, Buyer should contact Customer Service and request authorization to return the product (see "Returns" section above). (c) The preceding subsections of this "Limited Warranty" section set forth the exclusive remedies for claims based on any defect, failure, malfunction, or any other performance or nonperformance of any product, whether the claim is in contract, indemnity, warranty, tort(including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and however instituted. Upon expiration of the applicable limited warranty period, any liability of LUXPERT in connection with such exclusive remedies shall terminate, and Buyer shall have 30 days after the warranty period to give written notice of any defects, failures, malfunctions, or other performance or non-performance issue that appeared during the warranty period. NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL APPLY. LUXPERT will return Warranty Repair items per incoming ship method at no additional charge.

Buyer will be charged on all repairs and shipping costs for out of warranty equipment. Payment is accepted by purchase order or wire transfer. Charges may vary based on actual equipment and condition. Repair charges may be based on flat rate cost or parts & labor. Factory repairs are granted an extended warranty of 120 calendar days.

LUXPERT will advance replace defective equipment that has failed upon initial install (bad-out-of-box) with new or like new equipment for a period of 60 days from the original date of shipment. All replacements will be invoiced at shipment and credited upon receipt of the defective product.
Invoices will remain outstanding if the returned product does not qualify under the replacement terms.

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