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Bidirectional Transceiver for WDM-PON Using C/L Band
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The fiber-to-the-home, or FTTH, technology is becoming the center of attention, as the demand for higher bandwidth is increasing enormously. In order to realize this FTTH technology, the passive optical network, or PON is used worldwide. Although there are several types of PON, wavelenth division multiplexing passive optical network(WDM-PON), capable of providing 100 Mb/s for each user, is considered as the best solution to perfectly accomodate the explosively increasing data demand on access network. WDM-PON architecture has a star topology serving a total of up to 32(extendable to 40) subscribers in 1x32 arrayed waveguide gratings(AWGs) with 100GHz spacing at the remote node(RN). The up and downstream bidirectional transceivers are located with central office and subscriber. Luxpert°Įs optic module for C/L-band WDM-PON is consisted with bidirectional transceiver and broadband lightwave source(BLS). The bidirectional transceiver functions as low cost multi-wavelength source with a fabry-perot laser diode. Using a fabry-perot laser diode in stead of complex and expensive DFB laser diode benefits low cost, compact size and low power consumption. This eventually makes the WDM-PON system cost effective. L band is used in the downstream and C band in the upstream. To our knowledge, LuXpert is the unique vendor for the commercially available C/L band BiDi module/transceiver. The transceiver supports transmission rate of 125Mbps. Broadband lightwave source(BLS) is a C/L band source in one body module, which is used as injection seed for wavelength locking. It is so compact to be installed into system easily. This provides broadband high output power in C band and L band based on EDFA which is proven technology in the optical communication for years. It also supports isolate, depolarized and flattened output.
  Key Features
  Cost effective module for WDM-PON in FTTH
  One body C/L band bidirectional TRx
  32 channels(up to 40 channels)
  Up to 20km transmission distance range
  Most commonly used band in WDM network
  : C band for upstream, L band for downstream
  One body C/L band BLS module
  125Mbps transmission rate
  1.25Gbps transmission rate(near the future)
  100GHz spacing
  Specifications (Optical)
125Mbps 1.25Gbps
Optical Transmitter        
Output power min. -17.5dBm,
max. -5dBm
min. -12dBm,
max. 0dBm
min. 0.5dBm,
max. 7dBm/
min. -2dBm,
max. 5dBm
min. 2dBm,
max. 7dBm/
min. 0dBm,
max. 7dBm
Wavelength 1573 ~ 1600nm 1533 ~ 1560nm 1573 ~ 1600nm 1533 ~ 1560nm
Extinction ratio min. 8.2dB min. 8.2dB min. 8.2dB min. 8.2dB
Return Loss 32dB 32dB 32dB 32dB
Sensitivity max. -35dBm max. -35dBm max. -25dBm/-32dBm max. -25dBm/-32dBm
Wavelength 1533 ~ 1560nm 1573 ~ 1600nm 1533 ~ 1560nm 1573 ~ 1600nm
Electrical Power supply  typical. 3.3VDC typical. 3.3VDC typical. 3.3VDC  typical. 3.3VDC
Operating Temp -5 ~ 65°… -5 ~ 65°… -5 ~ 70°… -5 ~ 70°…
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 85% 0 ~ 85% 0 ~ 85% 0 ~ 85%

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