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Nanocluster-Si sensitized EDWA using top-pumped 470nm LED
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Out of many approaches developed so far to achieve low-cost micro amplifiers(amplets) for the access / metro network, Erbium doped waveguide amplifier(EDWA) has been considered to be the most promising candidate due to its well known characteristics inherited from its relative, the EDFA. Unfortunately, there still exist two main drawbacks for EDWA/EDFA which hinder the ultimate performance/cost optimization for the amplet application: the need for an expensive pump laser tuned precisely to the narrow absorption band of an Er3+ ion, and the long interaction length between pump and signal resulting from the small pump absorption cross section. A technique that has attracted a great attention as a possible solution to these problems is nanocrystal Si (nc-Si) sensitization of erbium in which nc-Si, acting as a co-dopant to Er ions, absorbs broadband pump photons like LED, creates photo - carriers, and finally transfers the energy to nearby Er ions through an Auger-like process. As confirmed by numerous experimental reports, ns-Si differs from the other sensitizers for Erbium in that it has a strong, continuous, broad absorption band for the pump and that it gives orders of magnitude larger effective excitation cross-section for the Er ion enabling top pumping of the waveguide. Additional advantage from the co-doping of nc-Si also comes from the enhanced Er emission cross-sections at 1.5m, enabling high gain without the need of high Er concentration-thus avoiding the performance degradation from the quenching effect with those advantages. LuXpert is proudly focused on adoption LED pumping source instead of expensive narrow wavelength pump Laser Diode. VCPAC will provide cost effective solution for optical amplification around large area including, access, metro network even to the personal optical.
  Key Features
  LED pumped optical amplifier
  Low cost optical amplifier
  Specifications (Optical)
Wavelength 1,530 ~ 1560nm Active Material Er 3+
Max. Output Power 6dBm Pumping Method LED(470nm)
Small Signal Noise Figure < 5.5dB Size of gain block 6x1.5x1.5 = 11.25cm2

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