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Conventional Multi Channel(WDM) BLS
Conventional Interstage
DWDM Gain Module
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Available for the C band with up to 19dBm of output power, 23dB of gain, 1dB of gain flatness, low ripple and noise figure, DWDM EDFA series is the perfect solution for metro regional, long-haul and ultra long-haul networks. DWDM EDFA has very high reliability and can be used to various optic applications. It also provides various output power, low noise figure and wide operating range. It is a platform of next-generation fixed or variable gain amplifiers that combines state-of-the-art electronics and superior optical performance. It responds dynamically to accommodate changes in number of wavelength of signal powers. It has been designed to address the new, long haul system designs as well as the low cost metro add/drop amplification requirements.

  Various Type : Instrument/Rack-mountable/Module
  High Saturation Output Power : Up to 19dBm
  AGC/APC/ACC Operation available
  Excellent Gain Flatness
  DWDM: Up to 2.5Gbps per channel
  Inline/Pre-amplifier or booster amplification
  Wavelength Range : C/L band


  Backbone Network
  Inline, Pre-amplifier or Booster Amplification

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