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Conventional Multi Channel(WDM) BLS
Gain Module CATV(Rack Mount) Instrument
Rack Mountable Type
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Available for the C band with up to 27dBm of output power, low ripple and noise figure, the single channel EDFA is the perfect solution for CATV network. Single channel EDFA has very high reliability and can be used to various optic applications. It also provides various output power, low noise figure and wide operating range. It is a platform of next-generation fixed or variable gain amplifiers that combines state-of-art electronics and superior optical performance. Fully qualified optical components selected by Luxpert's staff make it possible to provide the stability of operation and reliability that is essential to today's high value added access network systems. This standard and high performing single channel EDFA product has been designed from Luxpert's extensive experience and it should meet your technical needs, time-to-market requirement, and most importantly the target cost objective.

  High Saturation Output Power : Up to 27dBm
  Wavelength Range : C / L band
  SNMP, Web Interface
  LAN Interface for Remote Control and Monitoring
  RS232C Interface for Local Control and Monitoring
  Single and Multi output port
  Wide Operating Temperature Range for Outdoor Installation: -20~65กษ
  Single Power Supply Voltage: +5V or -48V


  Wide Applications
  - CATV network for Outdoor
  - Single channel (SONET/SDH : Up to STM-16/OC-48)
  - Analog (CATV/PON)
  Inline, Pre-amplifier or Booster Amplification

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