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Optical communication industries have been faced with various challenges depending on the market situation despite the great possibility. The great possibility of optical communication is a communication technology based on light speed that is faster than any other communication methods, which has to evolve with humankind.

There need several specialists in optical communication systems. But the need of optical subsystem specialty in fiber communication system has been strongly emphasized because the market requires the changes to the more capacity(DWDM), the more speed(40G), and the closer to the subscriber(FTTH, PON).

Luxpert Technologies was born based on the group of optical subsystem specialists. With the changes in the market for more specific advanced requirement in optical technology, optical subsystem can not be considered as a part of electrical parts in the system. It requires not even specific knowledge and experience, but also the spirit of business partnership. Under the basis of partnership, our mission is to provide best optical subsystems which our customer can have strong competitiveness in their technology and business, with the bases of quality, performance and with the mind of business partnership.


Luxpert Technologies is going to worldwide market.
Luxpert Technologies had focused on Asia, including Japan and Korea only, but currently, Luxpert has started investing to worldwide marketing since the beginning of 2006 and just open marketing office in U.S.
Breaking the light barrier.

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