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  Delivered multi-port EDFA to "B" company in Japan
  Delivered DWDN EDFA for NGN in Japan
  Exported EDFA to Cisco in U.S
  Delivered 2.5G EDFA to Powercomm
  Delivered BLS / Transceiver for WDM-PON
  Delivered OADM / Metro - 2.5G / 10G EDFA to Korea Telecom
  Delivered OTDR for Fiber Optic Sensor Fence System to Ministry of National
  of National Defense of Korea
  Released BLS / Transceiver for WDM-PON
  Delivered OADM / Metro - 2.5G / 10G EDFA to Korea Telecom
  Exported BLS to Fiber Sensing in Portugal
  Delivered 10G EDFA to Powercomm
  Exported EDFA to Tyco in U.S
  Obtained TL 9000 Certification
  Business Contract with Dream Line
  Delivered Metro - 10G EDFA to Korea Telecom
  Business Contract with Korea Telecom
  Exported OTDR to the Defense Department of the US
  Obtained ISO 9001,14001. certifice
  Delivered 10G EDFA to Menara Networks in U.S
  Delivered WDM EDFA to Absys in France
  Business Contract with Powercomm
  Obtained CE certification for EDFA
  Exported Tellabs(US) to EDFA(LXI-2000)
  Exported Cisco(US) to EDFA(LXI-2000)
  Exported Mongolian Telecom to EDFA(LXR-2000)
  Released standard wavelength light source for WDM for KRISS
  Supplied Powercomm to EDFA(LXR-2000)
  Released standard optic source for DWDM
  Released EDFA/Raman Hybrid Amp.
  Launched OTDR
  Launched EDFA LX Series
  Registered as Venture Company by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee
  Fund act
  Luxpert Technologies Co. Ltd Founded

Luxpert Technologies is going to worldwide market.
Luxpert Technologies had focused on Asia, including Japan and Korea only, but currently, Luxpert has started investing to worldwide marketing since the beginning of 2006 and just open marketing office in U.S.
Breaking the light barrier.

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